PB2I Today

In 1985, the Company BULL initiated the creation of an association called Federation Teams Bull commonly known as “FEB”, whose aim was the promotion of heritage Bull.

The delegation “FEB Franche-Comté/Alsace” was created in 1986, exclusively interesting former employees of the Bull factory in Belfort.

Today the evolution of things required the creation of an association replacing the delegation FEB Franche-Comté/Alsace, it is “PATRIMOINE BELFORTAIN de L’INDUSTRIE INFORMATIQUE ” or “PB2I”.

The aims of the Association, in addition to those of the delegation FEB-FC/Alsace are:

-Promoting any action of interest in the field of local industrial history,
-Promoting the cultural and technical contributions of computer science with the presentation of a permanent display as a museum, stands for guided tours and exhibitions.

PB2I is the continuity of FEB-Franche-Comté/Alsace, as shown in the site originally developed by its founding members.