Our Structure


In 2003, we relocated to new locals on the Belfort Technopole. These locals, carefully renovated by the “Société d’Economie Mixte Patrimoniale du Territoire de Belfort ”, are available to us through the support of BULL and the General Council. Our current group consists of active volunteers and a few supporters in the Patrimoine Belfortain de l’Industrie Informatique.

Our main activity involves the continued restoration of equipment, the maintenance of these machines, and the development of demonstrations and presentation of our industrial heritage.

We have :

  • A workshop punch card tabulating (1950s), installed on permanent exhibition, introduced by several technicians
  • office devices, word processing (1980s), animated, by a female team to respect parity.
  • An important business documentation archived.


Bear the witness of 30 years of the BULL’s presence in Belfort, the company’s life, events, women, men (from 1500 to 2500 people were working there), products and technologies. Affirm our existence in the local voluntary sector, especially with teams sensitized by the heritage in general, industry in particular, because our region is rich in this area. About projects :

  • To continue the restoration of old punch card machines, printers and data entry equipment.
  • To develop and refine our demonstrations “Atelier Mécanographique 150” and materials developped and manufactured in BULL Belfort.
  • To organize visits and dynamic demonstrations about installed equipments on permanent exhibition in our locals (group of about 10 persons).
  • To make a showcase about our history in the industry, as a bull’s heritage museum open to the public.
  • To make our website animated